Miller Advocacy Group is a special education and disability rights law firm whose mission is to improve the access of students with disabilities, learning differences, and mental health concerns to post-secondary education and employment. All attorneys and advocates at the firm are parents of students with disabilities, and they are dedicated to advocating on behalf of children with disabilities and their families for fair access to education, employment, and standardized testing.

Miller Advocacy Group also strives to advance the representation of professionals with disabilities in the workforce by assisting medical school, law school, business school, and other graduate and professional school students in securing their legally appropriate admissions and licensing test accommodations, when necessary. The firm also assists in securing the legally appropriate academic adjustments, housing accommodations, and access to career placement.

Most importantly, Miller Advocacy Group is dedicated to advocating on behalf of students with disabilities, learning differences, health conditions, or those who have been bullied or otherwise subjected to trauma at school. We can assist you with educational matters involving school or college placement, standardized testing, IEP representation, SAT or ACT testing accommodations applications or appeals, athletic eligibility issues, school discipline, school transfers or any disability-related matter.

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